Contemporary Asian Flair I


Escape to a contemporary space where form rules and function just doesn't matter. This arrangement is a wonderful gift for a man (nothing girly about this!) or for a woman with contemporary style or tastes. It looks stunning on an office desk, in the foyer of a contemporary home, or in a contemporary bathroom for a party. It would also be a nice addition to a dinner party--impress your boss with your flower arrangements-- you can always tell her you did it yourself even though all you did was follow the directions to put it together.

It will include a clear glass cylindrical vase 12 inches tall, at least one monstera leaf; three purple, white, or yellow iris; and the mechanics needed to assemble including a frog, some clear glass marbles or stones, and full instructions for assembly which are as follows:

  1. Remove vase and place on counter so you reach into it easily.
  2. Cut about 1/2 inch off all foilage and hydrate them in a large clean cup or vase with the flower food added for 24 hours. The water should be lukewarm so the flower food dissolves completely and the foilage can "drink" or absorb the water easily.
  3. Place the frog in the bottom of the vase.
  4. Insert all the foilage into the frog -- don't be scared to push them, but don't push so hard they break. You'll get a feel for the process quickly.
  5. Fill as high with water as you like. Add 2 drops of common household bleach per pint of water to help keep the water clear longer.

The arrangement will arrive carefully packed with cold packs and everything necessary to keep the flowers from bruising or breaking.

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