About Us

 Soap from Sandbridge has been making soap in small, artisanal batches since 2004. One question you may have about handmade soap is "Why?" Why is it better for me, why should I pay more for it than commercial bars, etc. The main reason is that commercial bars are, for the most part, not soap at all, but detergents.

Detergents are much harsher on skin that handmade soap. The commercial bars that are still soap have most of the skin-loving glycerin produced during the soap making process extracted. The commercial soap makers sell this glycerin to the cosmetic companies. The ingredients are what make the difference.

Take a look at the ingredients list of a commercial bar and compare it to our bars. Our bars are made with skin-loving oils and butters, including shea butter, cocoa butter, rice bran oil (yes, they can get oil out of rice!), palm and palm kernel oils, castor oil, and a small amount of beeswax to make the bars last longer. A bar of our soap should last one person at least a month. Please consider taking the leap and buying a bar and send us some feedback! We love hearing from our customers. Find us on Facebook at "SoapfromSandbridge."


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